DX51D+AZ120 Aluminum Zinc Currigated Steel Sheet

DX51D+AZ120 Aluminum Zinc Currigated Steel Sheet

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The coating composition of the aluminum-zinc plate is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, 1.6% silicon by weight.



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    • Commodity name: DX51D+AZ120 Aluminum Zinc Currigated Steel Sheet

    The coating composition of the aluminum-zinc plate is 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, 1.6% silicon by weight.

    Product Description

    Aluminum zinc plating steel plate has many excellent characteristics: strong corrosion resistance, 3 times of pure galvanized sheet; beautiful zinc flower on the surface, which can be used as building exterior board.

    Aluminum zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance, can withstand high temperature of more than 300 degrees Celsius, similar to the high temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum plated steel plate, it is often used in chimney tube, oven, illuminator and fluorescent lamp shade.

    Features of aluminum-zinc colored steel plate:
    1. Light weight: 10-14 kg/m2, equivalent to 1/30 of the brick wall
    2. Heat insulation: Thermal conductivity of core material: & LT;= 0.041 w/mk.
    3. High strength: it can be used as the ceiling envelopment plate for bearing, bending and pressure resistance;General houses do not use beams and columns.
    4. Bright color: no surface decoration is needed, and the preservation period of the anticorrosive layer of the colored galvanized steel plate is 10-15 years.
    5. Flexible and fast installation: the construction cycle can be shortened by more than 40%.
    6. Oxygen index :(OI)32.0(provincial fire products quality inspection station).

    Technique hot rolled/ cold rolled
    Surface Treatment Coated
    Application roofing, wall construction, painting basis sheets and auto industry
    Shape 840mm or As customer's requirement
    Width 600mm-1250mm or as buyer requirement
    Length 6m or Customers' Requirement
    material DX51D+AZ150
    Certificate ISO 9001:2008/SGS/BV
    Spangle Big/Regular/Minimum/Zero
    Zinc Coating 40-275g/m2
    HRB Soft
    Surface Chromated/Unoild

    More information

    1. Buildings And Constructions  Workshop, Warehouse, Corrugated Roof And Wall, Rainwater, Drainage Pipe, Roller Shutter Door
    2. Electrical ApplianceRefrigerator, Washer, Switch Cabinet, Instrument Cabinate, Air Conditioning, Micro-Wave Oven, Bread Maker
    3. FurnitureCentral Heating Slice, Lampshade, Book Shelf
    4. Carrying TradeExterior Decoration Of Auto And Train, Clapboard, Container,Lsolation Boar
    5. Others Writing Panel, Garbage Can, Billboard, Timekeeper, Typewriter, Instrument Panel, Weight Sensor, Photographic Equipment

    Product Advantages

    1.Continuous Galvanization

    Using Techniques Perfected By Years Of Experience,GNEE Steel’s Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Sheet Is Formed On A Line That Is Continuously Galvanizing To Guarantee Smooth, High Quality End Products.

    GNEE Steel Is Committed To Offering Galvanized Steel Sheet With A Broad Range Of Base Metal Qualities, Including Commercial, Lock Forming, Drawing, And Structural Quality. Moreover, Each Product Undergoes A Chromatic Process For Protection Against Rust.

    2.Superior Formability

    Highly Workable Steel Sheet And Strips Are Used As Base Metals For All Galvanized Steel Sheet Produced At The Cold Rolling Facility Of Dingang Steel. The Base Metals In Coil Are Continuously Annealed, Galvanized, And Properly Leveled. The Galvanized Sheet Provides Superior Formability With Base Metals.

    3.Excellent Corrosion Resistance

    All Galvanized Steel Sheet Is Treated With Chromic Acid For Protection Against Rust, To Maintain Original Surface Luster For A Longer Period.

    4.Consistent Quality

    Production Is Carried Out Using A Rigorous Quality Control Process And A Strict Quality Inspection Based On High Quality Production Standards. As A Result, Product Quality, Dimensions, And Other Properties Strictly Conform To Customer Demand.

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